Pharmakon Konferencecenter

Pharmakon Konference Center

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Welcome to one of the largest meeting/conference centres on Sealand, with 30 meeting rooms, a lecture hall, 135 guest rooms and a restaurant that seats 220.

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Welcome to the Pharmakon Conference Center. If you want to book a conference, inquire about a meeting, stay or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Milnersvej 42, DK- 3400 Hillerød | Tel.: +454820 6095 | Mail:


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Milnersvej 42

3400 Hillerød


Longitude: 12.296765

Latitude: 55.921534

Pharmakon Konferencecenter is a seminar/conference centre by design. The halls and assembly rooms furnished with one purpose in mind: to give you the best possible framework for advancing your interests. A good part of this learning process takes place outside the assembly rooms.

A great deal of thought has gone into the organisation of our facilities – to create an environment that most effectively provides for human interaction. We know that framework alone cannot accomplish this, so we have adopted a more comprehensive approach, utilising flexible and committed staff members who provide quick and reliable service. Personal service is not just a hollow phrase, and from arrival to departure, our staff always has the guest in mind. We want to do more than create the appropriate conditions.

This effort has paid off. In 2014 we were named Denmark’s healthiest business, and we are also proud to present a perfect 100% customer-satisfaction score in all of our 2014 evaluations.


Be Inspired - Pharmakon Conference Center. Our unique facilities and personalized service help create the atmosphere that our guests talk about. This is the framework for a successful meeting or professional conference.

Content and Contentedness

Our high-level service and unique facilities are designed to create an atmosphere our guests rave about. 100% of our guests wish to return – now that's a guarantee! Pharmakon Conference Center is located on the outskirts of Hillerød, with 180 free parking spaces and easy access by car or public transportation. Our facilities overlook a green oasis, where you can take a break in our gardens or stroll through our ½-acre meadow featuring a small lake and an outdoor fire pit.

What can we do for you?

Pharmakon Conference Center offers 135 guest rooms and 27 instructional classrooms and meeting rooms. Our facilities are designed to facilitate human interaction, and we take a targeted approach to the concept of Content and Contentedness, which consists of three primary principles:

• Intelligent service • Seeing the value of a conference stay from the client’s perspective • Exerting an emotional influence on the guest

This means:

• We take pride in making our guests feel welcome from arrival to departure • We are attentive to our guest’s individual needs and requests • We do our best to ensure professional and social success during their stay • We remain focused on our guests throughout their stay."

Pharmakon Museum

When you attend a meeting at the Pharmakon Conference Center in Hillerød, you can also get a tour of the Danish Pharmacy History Collection, which sheds light on the history of the pharmacies' pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceuticals over the past 120 years.Photo:Pharmakon

Our facilities are furnished with care to create an environment that fosters interaction between people in the best possible way.

We offer 30 meeting rooms, a lecture hall, and a restaurant that seats 220. All of our technology is up-to-date, and all rooms have their network address with a "200/200Mbit" connection. You can choose from 11 instructional classrooms and 17 meeting/assembly rooms. The lecture hall can accommodate up to 200 people. Alternatively, you can opt for an outdoor meeting.

Pharmakon Conference Center has 135 guest rooms, 45 of which have two beds. We are located on the outskirts of Hillerød, with 180 free parking spaces.

Finally, we are proud to house the Museum of Pharmaceutical History, offering visitors a journey back in time.

Pharmakon buffet

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Sustainability - looking out for the future.

Sustainability encompasses many things, but here at Pharmakon, we focus on reducing food waste and hope to inspire you to do the same. Pharmakon is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing food waste. Our kitchen and restaurant employees receive training and work diligently to promote sustainability.

Reducing food waste means creating new food from surplus ingredients.

Our kitchen staff takes great care to minimize food waste, both in preparing food and by repurposing leftovers that would typically be discarded. We are creative and use surplus ingredients to make many "fun" dishes that reduce waste. This mindset encourages us to ask ourselves, "What can I use this for?"

While we cannot use everything, we have successfully developed ten ideas that reduce food waste and are eager to share them.

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