Kronborg Castle

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Use Kronborg Castle to hold your meeting in a royal setting. Take inspiration in the grandeur of Kronborg and the spirit of Hamlet.


© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Oliver Bock
© VisitNordsjællandPhoto: Daniel Overbeck

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Welcome to Kronborg Castle in Helsingør. If you want to book a conference, meeting, tour or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

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Longitude: 12.621575

Latitude: 56.038697

Kronborg is one of Northern Europe’s most significant Renaissance castles.

Hamlet’s castle is on the Unesco list of world heritage sites and is consequently one of Denmark’s most important cultural landmarks. And you are more than welcome to hold your event here. A modest business meeting or a gala dinner, as kings and queens have stayed here for centuries.

A number of the castle chambers have been modernised to create a suitable framework for meetings, dinner parties, lectures, team-building events and much more. They are lovely rooms with an inspirational balance of new and old. Moreover, four castle chambers have been arranged as a suite with private entrances. This offers excellent flexibility of function and serves to inject the setting into the experience itself.

Kronborg Slot

©VisitNordsjællandPhoto:Daniel Overbeck

Kronborg Castle – where history lives! Kronborg has a rich history that goes back to the Middle Ages. 

Take inspiration in 600 years of history, and draw parallels for your function, for the unrivalled historical setting of Kronborg Castle offers endless possibilities for meetings, conferences, receptions and events. We guarantee a unique atmosphere for each activity, regardless of location and scale.

For example, history can complement modern themes

• Leadership: What can we learn from Christian IV as a leader?
• Innovation, new technology and new thinking: Leonardo da Vinci and Tycho Brahe– great thinkers of the  Renaissance.
• Personal development: Hamlet’s dilemma – to be or not to be.
• Finance: The sound dues – perhaps Denmark’s most profitable “business”.

You can also use Kronborg itself

• What’s hiding behind the door? An exclusive conducted tour where large keys open doors to an unknown Kronborg. 
• GPS treasure hunt with the live-tracking programme and checkpoints spread throughout Kronborg.
• A relaxed walk-and-talk in the coastal batteries around Kronborg.
• Ice breaker: In the old days, Kronborg’s soldiers made the most of their free time. Dip into their old toy box.

Or you can host a dinner party for the ages - Here’s a little appetiser

• Flourish trumpets when your guests arrive at the castle yard.
• Conducted a tour of Kronborg’s royal rooms.
• Welcome drink served near the cannon on the flag bastion – the barrel is the oldest artillery in the world still in use.
• Welcome drink in the Ballroom – Northern Europe’s most former ballroom.
• Medieval dinner in Erik of Pomerania's premises - step into the medieval castle in Kronborg.
• Medieval feast in Eric of Pomerania’s Chamber – step into the medieval stronghold inside of Kronborg.
• Display the art of fencing.
• Entertainment featuring period dancing – would the guests like to try it themselves?
• Visit by Hamlet himself.

The possibilities are many, and we’d love to be your sparring partner.

Take a walk in the Casemates when you hold your meeting at Kronborg Castle ... Throughout the year, you can meet Denmarks´s legendary hero, Holger Danske. He sits asleep deep down in the underground casemates.Photo:Tine Uffelmann

Rent Kronborg Castle for receptions, parties or meetings

  • Kronborg Castle has established seven rooms to develop a framework appropriate for meetings and conferences, with a capacity from 20 up to 420 people.
  • Eric of Pomerania’s Chamber seats 80 guests and is older than the castle itself, as Kronborg was built atop the medieval stronghold of Krogen. 

  • A wine cellar is a beautiful place for a meeting, dinner party or reception. The royal wine collection was kept here, and the cellar has 140 guests.

  • Kronborg’s magnificent Ballroom is Northern Europe’s most significant Renaissance ballroom. It was finished in 1582 and has since been the setting for countless royal functions. It is only in the last few years that the Ballroom has been accessible for non-royal events. With up to 420 guests, the Ballroom is ideal for exclusive functions such as conferences, gala dinners and receptions.

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