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If you like art, you’ll like Konventum! A modern conference centre. But the house also tells an exciting story about Danish design, art, and architecture as tools that can add value to meetings and conferences.

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Konventum Helsingør
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Welcome to the Konventum Conference Center in Helsingør. If you want to book a conference, meeting or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Gl. Hellebækvej 70, DK - 3000 Helsingør | Tel.:+454928 0900
www.konventum.dk | Mail: booking@konventum.dk


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Gammel Hellebækvej 70

3000 Helsingør


Longitude: 12.586577

Latitude: 56.051348

It all started with an architectural contest – Jørn Utzon won but was waylaid by the plans for an Oresund bridge and the opera house in Sydney. Karen and Ebbe Clemmensen, and Jarl Heger, who had won second prize, ended up with the assignment. They created a modern village featuring elements of both medieval history and Southern Europe. 

The village is built up around three oak trees that symbolise the Nordic “thingstead”, where the wise men met, discussed and decided issues in a communal setting. The buildings exude life and atmosphere – and also happen to contain Denmark’s most extensive private collection of art.



If one were to boil down the setting and layout of Konventum to one word, it would have to be generous. No expense was spared – not on rooms, furnishings, space or provisioning. Konventum is the right place if you are looking for a conference place with both large and small offices, niches and outdoor areas. You can transmit live between auditoriums, there’s a library, and there are guest rooms of a high standard – and, of course, a lot of art.

The demands for holding meetings and conferences in a unique setting are only getting greater and greater. Today, a conference booker’s responsibilities extend far beyond the booking of rooms and refreshments. Because the value of your conference must continue past the moment you say, “Thanks for everything” and leave the conference centre.

Value in the method

Konventum’s consultants are known for creating a helpful link between theory and practice. We see to it that the objective of your conference is actively transferred to your typical day and has the desired effect on both the short and long term. We have many years of experience in meeting design, facilitation, presentation method, team-building and evaluation.

Use us as process consultants during the preparation of your conference programme. Use our valuable facilitation tools during the conference – and let us assist you in implementing conference results into your business subsequently.


Konventum has its park, golf course and magnificent green areas just outside the door – all of which can help you increase the energy and nurture the learning process crucial to a successful meeting. It works because there is so much nature at your disposal right outside the conference room.

And "Hollywood" booked us

When the actor Jude Law played Hamlet at Kronborg, all the journalists and photographers were desperate to find him. Who would get a shot off, or a word with, the man that many women – and some men – consider irresistible? But even though he was often glimpsed moving through Elsinore, nobody ever found Jude Law’s hideout.

Good for him, for that allowed him to enjoy life and spend a week going on bicycle rides with his kids in peace. But this much we can now say: If you want to live like Jude Law, check into room 715 at Konventum.

At Konventum, you can host your meeting between exciting art and culture. The foyer facing the Sound with entrance to house 7 in the background. The horizontal painting is by Mogens Andersen, the vertical by HC. Rylander. Photo:Konventum

Konventum has a large number of conference/meeting facilities

  • Jørns Auditorium has room for 240 people.
  • The Damgårdssalen has a capacity of 235 people.
  • Øresundssalen with a capacity of 80 people, and the Atriumsalen with a capacity of 45 people.
  • There are also 17 meeting/instruction rooms. They can seat from 18 to 48 people with a standard table arrangement. Additionally, there are 26 group rooms for small meetings and group work. 
  • Konventum is filled with nooks and small niches where people can sit, talk, work, and discuss. This was one of the primary goals of the design – that it be easy to get together. The layout advances conversation as well as understanding.
  • 259 rooms and 512 beds.

Certification for Konventum, achieving international gold status in sustainability!

The international association IACC has awarded Konventum with gold status in their Green Star certification for complying with 85% of their sustainability guidelines.

"We are proud to receive the certification and even achieve gold status. It shows that our efforts to create a more sustainable experience resonate with our Danish customers and are recognised internationally," says conference manager Gitte Winberg.

For her, it is clear that sustainability is an important topic, especially for international companies. "We are increasingly seeing a need from our international customers to be able to make a sustainable choice. A certificate like Green Star helps us to clarify the high standard we maintain when it comes to running sustainable conferences."

IACC regularly updates their Code of Sustainability to ensure its Green Star certification always refers to the latest best practices in sustainable conference operations. The latest update was carried out this year, and it is on this basis that Konventum has achieved gold status.

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