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Sun, wind, sand and water ... Welcome to Havgaarden Beach Hotel near Tisvildeleje in North Sealand. 

Havgaarden Badehotel
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Havgaarden Borddækning
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Let us welcome you inside our thatched seaside hotel. We have 18 charming rooms and a suite. A cosy restaurant where the chef conjures up exquisite dinners from seasonal ingredients. And a beautiful fireplace room, where the fire crackles and warm cosiness spreads.

And let us welcome you outside in our beautiful nature. We have a lovely terrace with fabulous views—a spacious garden with many small oases. And own stairs down to the beach along the Kattegat, where you can experience everything from romantic sunsets and sea views in summer to rushing waves and debris in the winter months.

Give love new vitamins. Treat yourself and your loved one to a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Rejoice the family and friends with the big party, which turns into golden memories of life's great moments. Impress colleagues or customers with a meeting in an environment that makes unity flourish and creativity flow freely

You relax and enjoy life… we take care of the rest!

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Strandlyvej 1, DK- 3210 Vejby Strand Tel: 30564056

www.havgaarden.dk Mail: info@havgaarden.dk


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Longitude: 12.11968

Latitude: 56.079603

In the newer restaurant called the glass room, there is room for up to 80 guests at larger parties.Photo:Havgaarden Badehotel

The sea and the beach. The light and the air. The thatched idyll and homely cosiness. You will find all this with us in Tisvildeleje, only 45 minute drive from Copenhagen. At Havgaarden Badehotel, the working day begins with the cry of seagulls and an incomparable view of the Kattegat. And ends many hours later with enthusiasm and a smile on your face in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace. We have a recipe for meetings and conferences that make an impression and are remembered. The formula is simple, and it works…

People benefit from beautiful nature, good food and fresh sea air. It inspires and motivates. Gives new energy and fresh ideas. Therefore, Havgaarden Badehotel is an ideal setting for a good work meeting. We are sure you and your workplace will feel the difference: There are meeting rooms... and then there is Havgaarden Badehotel. With us, you don't have to try to think outside the box... You are outside the box.

Let Havgaarden Badehotel welcome you inside in a unique atmosphere of creaking wooden floors, comfortable armchairs and presence. And let us welcome you outside in Kongernes Nordsjælland, a unique nature with fresh sea air, high skies and heather-covered Ice Age landscapes.

Havgaarden Badehotel is located 50 meters from Kattegat. Magical Heatherhill is within walking distance. We recommend that you give yourself a well-deserved break or two at work. Pack running shoes, laptop, swimwear, notebook, hiking boots... and set course for Tisvildeleje.

Whether you are holding a business meeting of a few hours or a company conference that extends over several days... let nature's bounty and the hospitality at Havgaarden Badehotel embrace you.

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Havgården Seaside Hotel is located less than 200 meters from Vejby beach, right next to Kattegat. In clear weather, you can see Kullen in Sweden. Havgaarden Seaside Hotel is from 1825. In its original form, it was an ordinary farmhouse. Ninety years later, in 1915, Karen Ziebe bought the farm and converted the place to a guesthouse and sold the land to a total of 80 summer cottage parcels.

The property consists of 3 buildings. The main house was originally from 1827 but has been changed and rebuilt many times since and now houses, among other things, a modern restaurant with banqueting rooms and 18 rooms, all with bath and toilet. Many conferences, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and other events are held here.

The newer restaurant, Glasssalen (the glass room), seats up to 80 guests for more significant events.

There are good facilities which are excellent for smaller conferences, where companies wishing to have a place for themselves can host courses or events.

The on-grounds summer cottage oozes authenticity with a lot of cosiness and ambience.


  • Modern restaurant
  • Banquet facilities
  • 18 rooms
  • The glass hall seats 60 people
  • Smaller conferences and courses

Many conferences, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and other events are held on-site. There is room for up to 60 guests at larger parties in the newer restaurant, the glass hall.

There are good rooms that can be used excellently for holding smaller conferences, where companies that want the place to themselves can successfully have similar courses.

Havgaarden Badehotel

Photo:Havgaarden Badehotel

Anne-Marie von Vultejus

Business Developer | Head of the Tourism Network | Contact for Gribskov