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The light falls softly from the majestic windows and illuminates the large spaces that whiz by the cannon forces of the past. At the same time, the house's modern technology and meeting facilities are buzzing - completely updated for your next event.

Gjethuset er det store kulturhus i Frederiksværk
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De smukke gamle vinduespartier lukker solen ind i Gjethuset
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Contact Gjethuset

Welcome to the Gjethuset in Frederiksværk. If you want to book a conference, meeting or site inspection, please get in touch with us directly by email or phone.

Gjethusgade 5, DK -3300 Frederiksværk | Tel.: +454070 5030
www.gjethuset.dk | Mail: gjethuset@gjethuset.dk


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Gjethusgade 5

3300 Frederiksværk


Longitude: 12.021857

Latitude: 55.971642

Gjethuset is an active music and culture house which forms the framework for everything from rock concerts and conferences to children's theatre, professional touring theatre, chamber music and international exhibitions. North of Copenhagen, we are the largest and not least most beautiful culture house - the building itself is worth a visit. Although we are geographically located at the far end of the capital region, we aspire to deliver a diverse program of high quality.

We dare to invest both large and small - and do so successfully. The beautiful surroundings of the guest house can be rented for any event. The 300-year-old walls frame approximately —1000 square meters of unimaginable possibilities - from professional meetings to conferences and fairs.

The North Wing

The northernmost length of the guest house is perfect for intimate meetings and small conferences. Here you can host a large or a small screen, use a projector and stages with AV equipment that can be set up for either a conference, speakers or the large concert setup. In addition, Nordfløjen has access to the courtyard in front of Gjethuset, which can be included in your indoor event.

The concert hall

The concert hall is the house's largest room, surrounded by the iconic, small-slatted windows and decorated with original, ornamented cast-iron oven plates. The large stage can be used for concerts, debates or larger conferences. The hall is highly flexible and can accommodate up to 490 guests or 600 standing, or you can make the hall small and intimate as needed. There can be up to 1300 standing guests if we open the walls and include the café.

The cafe

The first room you encounter when you enter the café. You are immediately overwhelmed by the house's grand construction, and your eyes are drawn upwards to the house's enormous vault with exposed rafters. Here you can sit at round tables and enjoy breakfast and debates, lectures or small concerts. All technical equipment can be set up here, also in all size scales.

The south wing

Here, the light and atmosphere are clean and simple – and with plenty of space and air. We often have our art exhibitions here. The room can accommodate up to 400 diners, and there are unimaginable possibilities in the ample, open space, from group sessions and workshops to long table dining and exhibition stands.

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In Gjethuset, you get the most beautiful surroundings and fantastic service. The catering is top-class, and the premises invite you to be creative and have endless possibilities to cast precisely the event you dream of. Here it is also possible to link business events with high-level culture. Our rooms can be decorated precisely to your needs with stages, podiums, tables, rows of chairs, a buffet and much more.

The guest house's historic surroundings and original walls as a cannon foundry form a unique setting for your meeting! The thick boulder walls create a beautiful rustic background for modern art's colours and simple shapes, and the house's acoustics are entirely unsurpassed. Here is room for inspiration and dreams!

We are ready to discuss the possibilities for your business events, professional meetings or conferences, company parties, awards ceremonies, TV recordings or photoshoots, citizen meetings, business dinners or something completely different.

Opstilling til koncert i Gjethuset i Frederiksværk

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The beautiful surroundings of Gjethuset can be rented for any event. The 300-year-old walls frame approximately 1000 square meters of unimaginable possibilities - from professional meetings to conferences and fairs.

The outdoor area in front of Gjethuset can also be used. Gjethuset has many options for large and smaller intimate meeting rooms - so do not hesitate to contact us whether you are a small company or a larger assembly. Your event can be combined with cultural experiences, team-building and much more. We are ready to tailor the perfect event for you.

Technology & AV equipment

Gjethuset has microphone systems, projector and screens, flip-over, whiteboards, overhead projector, mobile stage and more. This equipment is rented out for use in events in Gjethuset. Get a quote - and we will find a complete solution for your event! For more technical info: Send an email to teknik@gjethuset.dk or call tel. +454050 2241.


  • AV Equipment for conferences
  • Room for 1300 people
  • Room for private meetings
  • Mobile scene
  • Concert halls
  • Café
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