Frederiksborg Slot

When to come?

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Honestly, most people would say spring or summer, but if you ask us, we find every time of year has its own adventures. Why we will try to explain here..

When the snow covers the roofs of the castles, they look even more fairytale-like, and this is the time of year when the Danish "hygge" really sets in. We love candles, tea and to sit in front of the fireplace after a long walk in the snow. If you like that too, you should try wintertime. 

If you dare, you could also try the very popular "Winter swimming". Almost every beach and swimming club in North Sealand have groups meeting once a week for a dip in the sea during wintertime, and then into the sauna afterwards. It is perfect for your health. Finally, we have a numerous Christmas Markets and indoor event during winter.

You cannot help falling in love with springtime in Roayl North Sealand - maybe even fall in love yourself? The gardens are magnificent, the cafe's start their outdoor serving and every Dane seem to wake up like a bear after a long sleep. Just before the peak season a lot of exciting events take place (see what to do), and the attractions are not so crowded.

Well, if you love fantastic beaches and The Danish Riviera life, then this is the time to visit us. There is a reason for calling it The Danish Riviera - it is almost like being on the original one. People live outdoor; they move to their summerhouse, and the bars, cafe's and outdoor restaurants are full every day and night. Many people do also go swimming during the long, bright nights. It is as if it never turns dark during summer in Denmark.

Autumn in Roayl North Sealand is the time of many colours. The leaves turn orange and red, and if you like to go hunting for your sponges, you will find a lot of people with similar interests. Autumn is the time for forests or a long walk along the beach. It is also the time of year, where a combination with Copenhagen will be superb, as a lot of shows and plays have opening nights at this time of year.

Anne-Marie von Vultejus

Business Developer | Head of the Tourism Network | Contact for Gribskov