New horizons and Knud Rasmussen

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Knud Rasmussen (1879-1933) is probably the most famous Danish arctic explorer. He was born in Greenland and spent his life exploring Greenland and establishing the famous Thule Base. 

In Denmark, he was extremely popular in his days, and today his house in Hundested is a museum in his remembrance. But this is definitely not the only reason to visit Hundested at the very west of The Danish Riviera.

Hundested used to be a languishing fishing town, with little hope for an interesting future. Then a transformation began, and today it is one of the hippest places to visit, with designer shops, modern restaurants and great atmosphere. Best of all - it has kept its authentic style and has not become an empty setting.

So not only was Knud Rasmussen looking for new horizons, but Hundested also transformed itself into a new era.

We recommend:

Dansteel A/S
A steel running mill, which can be visited on private tours. It is an amazing experience to watch the steel, which is extremely hot, to be processed and turned into plates. It is one of the few remaining factories in Denmark working within the heavy industry. 

Knud Rasmussen's House
A tiny and very authentic museum situated on top of a hill, so the view is breathtaking. You literally do see new horizons. Read more about Knud Rasmussen's house

Halsnæs Brewery or Knud
Two of the new and very good restaurants at Hundested Harbour. Read more about Hundested here

The Sand Sculpture Festival
Every year from May to October, giant sand sculptures are created by some of the best international artists. Each year the sculptures relate to a certain theme, and it really is worth a visit. World-class sand