Follow the bricks

Photo: Daniel Villadsen

If you or your clients have any interest in living history, and you like to see authentic places, then this could be the perfect itinerary for you.

In Royal North Sealand, even the bricks have their own history, and you can literally follow the bricks from monastery to castle, from the pope to the king and in this way hear the whisper of 1000 years history.

The tour begins at:

Esrum Abbey
Esrum Monastery was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and in its heydays, it was the most influential monastery in Scandinavia and one of the largest buildings. After The Reformation in 1536, The Monastery and all the landholdings fell to The King.

The King needed bricks for his castles so he tore down everything but the one building, which served as The Kings hunting castle - today The Abbey. Actually here his son, the later so famous King Christian IV, used to play as a child. The monks lived at The Abbey also after The Reformation, but the order was not allowed to accept new monks, so slowly all the monks went to live elsewhere. At Esrum the history of the monks is on display and you can also see a miniature of how huge The Monastery originally was. 

After Esrum you go on to...

Kronborg or Frederiksborg Castle
Frederik II was very fond of hunting and initiated the building of Frederiksborg Castle, from which he could go hunting in the areas around Hillerød. For that, he used the expensive monastic boulders from Esrum and he also used them to renovate his other castle - Kronborg. The castles are very different from each other, but both fantastic experiences. Frederiksborg Castle