Kierkegaard By nature

Time for contemplation

Photo: Tine Uffelmann

Walk the talk and get connected with yourself.

Kierkegaard by Nature

The famous Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard was only in his early twenties when his father sent him away to the countryside for recreation. This countryside was Gilleleje on The Danish Riviera, where Kierkegaard spent some days at the local inn, and then he starts wandering in the landscape surrounding Gilleleje. This is an absolutely beautiful place to wander - and wonder. And Kierkegaard wonders.

Today, in the world of the Internet and smartphones, we all need to both wander and wonder again, and this is the first interactive Kierkegaard route in the world. 

The concept is actually very simple. You buy an app (Euro 5), and from that, you get Kierkegaard quotes and questions dubbed into seven different languages (Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese). And you walk! Every one kilometre, you meet a pole and is asked a new philosophical question, you can either discuss with your fellow wanderers or reflect on your own.

We recommend:

Walk the talk! 
Take the whole tour or just part of it. If you wish, a professional tour leader can be hired to facilitate the questions. 

Gilleleje Harbour
One of the most charming harbour cities in Denmark. Either before or after, you can visit some of the restaurants, or you can arrange a group sailing tour. Gilleleje

Refugium Smidstrup Strand
Formerly a retreat for the hard-working "sisters" of the "Sankt Lukas Stiftelse". Based on a Christian belief, they helped poor, sick people and especially children with diseases, and when they needed a retreat, they could come here. Today it is a charming little refuge with 24 rooms. All without television. This is the place to stay if you wish to withdraw and think.  If you wish yoga lessons etc. can be arranged.