It's Christmas Time

Photo: Heino Eisner

In North Sealand, we LOVE Christmas! This means that you will find Christmas markets all over, and if you are a fan of "hygge" this is both the time and the place to be.

Again - as we have stated numerous times, everything can be customized to you and your client's needs, and you do not have to visit all markets to get that special, happy Christmas feeling. Actually, you could also make the combination of visiting Sweden as well. Christmas in Sweden is different from Denmark, and already on the Ferry (which runs on batteries and therefore is sustainable), you will get the experience om two countries in one tour.

We recommend:

Christmas Market at Esrum Kloster
Esrum Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and was greatly influential as the spiritual centre of the Cistercians in Denmark. At present Esrum Abbey is an open attraction with changing exhibitions and a varied program with events, lectures, family activities, food experiences etc. The base of all the activities is the story of the abbey’s cultural and natural inheritance. At Christmas all sorts of delicatessen are shipped to Esrum from abbeys all over Europe and together with all the local products, you will find a fantastic food market. 

Christmas Market at Frederiksborg Castle
Well, not only one, but two of our famous castles turn into something different in December. At Frederiksborg Castle special exhibitions always take place during December and the tables are set as they used to be for the royal Christmas Banquets. Christmas as the royals