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The Magic Beneath Our Feet - Explore 'Earth Sense' at Munkeruphus

Experience the exhibition 'Earth Sense' at Munkeruphus, where you're invited to explore a magical world beneath the earth through sensory treatments and sculptures. Dive into a new dimension beneath your feet.

A New Connection with the Earth

In the 'Earth Sense' (Jordsans) exhibition at the museum Munkeruphus, you'll connect with the earth in a way you may not have before:

Go out into the Munkeruphus Park and collect items from nature (leaves, branches, or other items) and bring them into the "training centre." Here, you can receive an 'earth sense treatment' or pass it on to someone else. You'll sense, smell, feel, and immerse yourself in the materials of nature.

You can also try the 'earth sense sculptures' in the park. Here, you'll lower your head into the earth and sense what's happening - in the earth and most importantly, within yourself.

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A Magical World Beneath Our Feet

Maria Viftrup's exhibition at Munkeruphus is based on the exciting and almost magical world that lies right beneath our feet. The earth is an organism with thousands of living creatures that we don't encounter or sense in our daily lives.

Through the 'earth sense treatment' and the 'earth sense sculptures,' you become an active part of the work, shaping it with your experiences, sensations, and impressions.

Professional Earth Sensers and Artist Maria Viftrup

Behind the 'Earth Sense' exhibition at Munkeruphus lies knowledge sharing, sensory experiences, and scientific methodology. 30 researchers, farmers, and artists have met and shared knowledge with each other.

The artist Maria Viftrup then collected everything and transformed it into sculptures and "treatments" where you can explore the earth and develop your senses.

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