Welcome to North Sealand

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Only one hour from Copenhagen Airport, you find North Sealand and The Danish Riviera. Originally the preferred playground for the Danish royalty, and that is no coincidence.

Here, the sky is the limit, and not only the royalty used to spend time here. Also artists, philosophers - like Søren Kierkegaard, and others, who liked the good life, used to spend time here for inspiration. Actually, the Danish Riviera is the oldest known seaside destination in Denmark. When you have visited, you will know why - here are historical harbors, idyllic seaside towns, fairy-tale castles, monasteries, charming hotels and above all, great atmosphere.

As if that was not enough, we have a large number of museums and some of the most famous art collections in Denmark. Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art is often hailed as "the most beautiful museum in the world" and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark is an iconic and award-winning museum just in front of the UNESCO World Heritage castle, Kronborg, also known as Hamlets Castle.

In 2018 the second largest national park in Denmark, The National Park of Royal North Sealand, opened and next to another spectacular art museum, Rudolph Tegners, you find some of the most spectacular nature in all of Sealand, called Rusland.

So whether your clients are looking for historical and cultural sites, they wish to walk in the foodsteps of Søren Kierkegaard, spend time in a spa or just enjoy some of the best beaches and modern comfort, you will find it in Royal North Sealand, and we will be happy to guide you to find both the well known, and the hidden treasures.

You and your guests are so very welcome!

Anne-Marie von Vultejus

Business Developer | Head of the Tourism Network | Contact for Gribskov